Fleck Water Softener Tips


1Hi there! First of all, I want to thank you for dropping by to my website. Let me introduce myself first. I’m Will and I run a plumbing company around the Moorestown area in New Jersey. I’ve been installing water softeners for over 6 years now and I’ve known every bit of information regarding these apparatus through my hands-on experience.

Now believe me when I say that having a Fleck water softener installed in your homes is one of the best investments you make in your life. There’s practically a lot of benefits you can get just by having this device in your home. Although I must say that I’m a bit bias because water softeners has something to do with my business, you can literally see a constructive change once you have this installed in your residence.

I’m sharing this knowledge from a perspective of a residential owner because I for myself have a water softener device in my own home. I started using this in 2009 and I noticed a lot of positive changes from the first day to this day. Here are some of the beneficial changes I got when I decided to use Fleck water softener in my house:

1. NO MORE CLOGGED PIPES – I was able to know this fact because of my work. Hard water is known to clog water pipes as minerals like calcium and magnesium often cling into the pipe’s surface and stay there until the pipe is congested. I had to the check our pipes from time to time, but all of this change since I installed a water softening device.


2. SAVINGS ON THE MONTHLY ELECTRIC BILL – This may sound illogical but changing the quality of water can also affect the way we use electricity. It’s true! When you heat hard water, there’s a lot of energy consumed when the liquid has lot of impurities. But if you heat soft water, the energy used is less as the heating time is decreased. So this means you are roughly saving electricity just by using soft water at home.

3. REDUCES SOAP CURD – Organic acid found in hard water minerals reacts negatively to soap products. And the result of this reaction is often bad since it will make your clothes feel rough, you hair will look sticky and dull-looking, and your skin will become starchy. And all of these problems can be eliminated after installing a water softener in your residence.

4. PROLONG THE LIFESPAN OF APPLIANCES – Anti-scale systems such as water softeners has the ability to detach calcium and magnesium deposits from the liquid so they cannot attach through surfaces which are usually passed by the water flow like the laundry washer and dishwasher. Meaning, you don’t have to deal with that pesky water spots and lime deposits anymore and therefore effectively increase the lifespan of these appliances every time you use it.


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